Spotlight on Resident Scholarship

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Highlighting research, quality improvement, medical education, advocacy, and other scholarly activities of UW Internal Medicine residents.

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Dr. Molly Kelly

Molly Kelly, Class of 2021

"Targeting use of implantable cardioverter-defibrillators for secondary prevention of sudden cardiac death"

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November 2021

Anisha Ganguly, MD, MPH

Dr. Anisha Ganguly, Class of 2022

2021 Hopkins GIM Lisa A. Cooper – David M. Levine Award Recipient for Achievement in Resident Research:
“Race and Satisfaction with Pain Management among Patients with HIV Receiving Long-Term Opioid Therapy.” 

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Seth Judson

Dr. Seth Judson, Class of 2021

"Regional Vulnerability For COVID-19 In Cameroon" April 2021

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Dr. Jean-Paul Toussaint

Dr. Jean-Paul Toussaint, Class of 2021

"Quorum sensing in urinary isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa" Oct 2020

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Dr. Helen Jack with Students

Dr. Helen Jack, Class of 2021

"Sustainable Mental Health Research Capacity-Building In Africa" May 2020

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