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RAMP Faculty Mentoring Program

The Residency Advising and Mentorship Program aims to connect residents in our program seeking opportunities for research or scholarship with an appropriate mentor. We hope the program will promote early career planning and allow residents to develop new research skills, or broaden their existing skillset, through mentored RAMP is a joint venture between the residency program leadership and a team of resident leaders and evolves based on resident feedback. 

Matching with a Mentor

Before arriving at the University of Washington Internal Medicine Residency Program, newly matched interns will complete a survey to assess career interests and readiness to pursue mentorship and scholarly activities. Interns who are decided in their career path will be matched with a RAMP connector – a faculty member who has in-depth knowledge about the research endeavors of their colleagues. This RAMP connector will meet with the resident to clarify research and career interests, as well as research background and skills, then connect the resident to mentors in their division or field with relevant expertise. The resident will then meet with various faculty mentors to identify a research project of interest.  

Undecided on Your Interests?

Many incoming interns do not yet feel decided on their career path – this is normal! Undecided interns will meet regularly with your assigned Associate Program Director (APD) throughout the course of residency. Residents may join RAMP whenever they clarify career interests and feel ready to engage with a scholarly project.  

RAMP Peer Mentoring Program

In addition, there is a RAMP peer mentoring program known as the RAMP buddy system. Every intern is assigned to an upper-level resident to help build community and connections, particularly in the beginning of intern year. These upper-level residents volunteer to participate in our mentorship program because they love guiding new interns embarking on residency!