Professional Development

We believe it is our job to partner with you in developing and stewarding your strengths.

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YOU ARE HERE: UW Internal Medicine Professional Development
A guide to resources, timelines and contacts for professional development, advising and mentoring

The University of Washington Internal Medicine Residency Program is dedicated to training future leaders in all sectors of internal medicine, including

  • Academic medicine
  • Biomedical research
  • Community practice
  • Healthcare policy
  • Health administration

R1 Year: Foundation

Internship is grounded in broad-based clinical exposure to inpatient and ambulatory internal medicine. It is a time of community building and early exploration of mentorship.

R1 Year Professional Development Plan

r2 Year: Differentiation

Your second year expands opportunities for teaching and clinical team leadership. You will have more flexibility for personal curriculum, with increased elective time and initiation of our Training Pathways. Mentorship need may change with evolution in clinical and academic interests.

R2 professional development timeline

r3 Year: consolidation

In your final year, clinical knowledge and skills are reinforced. You will have opportunities to develop as a leader and to fill personal curricular goals. Career next steps and transitions are solidified and mentorship is provided as you bridge to practice or your next stage of training. 

R3 professional development timeline