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Pathway Director

Lisa Vande Vusse, MD

Associate Residency Program Director – Research and Scholarship

Overview of Pathway Curriculum

Physician Scientist Learning Pathway Curriculum

This three-year pathway integrates residents who plan careers as physician-scientists in an environment supported by mentors, sponsors, and departmental commitment in order to:

  • create opportunities to apply and grow scientific thinking
  • sustain commitment to research as a pursuit, profession, and career development pathway
  • increase core skills
  • help participants achieve the next career milestone, which often are subspecialty fellowships that incorporate formal research training

Our Primary Care Track and Categorical Track residents may apply to join the pathway early in their intern year.

Residents planning to follow the ABIM Research Pathway or Global Health Pathway are ineligible.

Pathway Components

Dedicated time for research 2-3 guaranteed blocks of research to complete an approved, mentored research project
Professional development Annual professional development activities in areas such as: managing mentor/mentee relations, choosing a lab, setting professional goals, research training pathways, careers beyond academia
Core curriculum Skill building in core areas such as: research ethics, protecting data integrity, study design, scientific communication
Works-in-progress Opportunity for expert and peer feedback on your evolving science
Capstone senior elective An elective that integrates the roles of physician and scientist by focusing on learning how to answer questions that matter

Additional benefits include being a member of the vibrant community of investigators at University of Washington and building connections to subspecialty divisions that are important for career advancement.

Current Residents

Grad Class of 2025 Grad Class of 2024 Grad Class of 2023
Joshua Bloomstein, MD Juan Conde, MD Alwiya Ahmed, MD
Jacob Leary, MD Olivia Lin, MD Shiv Bhandari, MD
Ila Nimgaonkar, MD, PhD Liem Nguyen, MD, PhD Maria Cassera, MD
Noga Rogel, MD Cass Sunga, MD Kellen Hirsch, MD, PhD
    Peiqi Wang, MD, PhD

Meet the Newest Members of the PLSP 

Dr. Joshua Bloomstein

 Joshua Bloomstein

Dr. Bloomstein hopes to apply data science methodologies to the investigation of immunological systems to better personalize care in inflammatory, infectious, and oncological diseases as well as build AI models to mitigate healthcare access inequities.

Dr. Jacob Leary

Jacob Leary

Dr. Leary is interested in the biology of cancer stem cells and host immune cell-cancer cell interactions in the tumor microenvironment, and aims to advance the understanding of precision therapies in cancer.

Dr. Ila Nimgaonkar

Ila Nimgaonkar

Dr. Nimgaonkar is planning a research-intensive career studying the interface of virology and oncology and susceptibility to chronic and severe viral infections, particularly within immunocompromised populations.

Dr. Noga Rogel

Noga Rogel

Dr. Rogel is interested in translational research that will integrate computational models and technology development to generate new therapies, and investigating systemic diseases to better understand and characterize immunologic processes.