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Adult Medicine, Harborview

The Adult Medicine Clinic at Harborview Medical Center provides care to a diverse patient population, including Seattle's poor and medically indigent, as well as many non-English speaking immigrant populations. Patients have a broad array of common and occasionally complicated medical conditions that often co-exist with psychiatric illness or substance abuse. Residents will frequently co-manage their patients with our clinic psychiatrist and counselors and are well supported by our social workers. Residents repeatedly cite the high degree of autonomy as one of the strengths of this site.

Belltown, UW Medicine Primary Care

UW Medicine Primary Care at Belltown provides full-spectrum adult primary care to a diverse mix of working professionals, retirees, and more vulnerable patients. Residents are given appropriate autonomy, and praise the highly functional nature of this location and the collegial practice culture. We have onsite lab and radiology services, a nutritionist, and integrated behavioral health services (therapy and psychiatry). This location provides unparalleled exposure to real-world primary care in a setting with a strong educational mission, and prepares graduates for careers as leaders in academic and community internal medicine.

General Internal Medicine, Roosevelt CLinic

The UWMC General Internal Medicine Center at Roosevelt provides a robust and complete training for all residents. With a breadth and diversity of patients that is unmatched in the UW system, this continuity experience will provide a solid foundation for the resident to pursue any future. Graduates from this clinic are well trained to take on careers in community practices, academic and subspecialty medicine.

General Internal Medicine & Women’s Health Care, VA Puget Sound

The VA continuity clinic offers residents the opportunity to see veterans with a broad array of diseases including diabetes mellitus, hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, coronary artery disease, chronic renal insufficiency and dyslipidemias. Residents will become comfortable caring for patients with multiple diseases and co-morbid conditions as well as in preventive health measures. 

Internal Medicine, Pacific Medical Centers

Residents at PacMed are paired with attending preceptors who are always available to help evaluate patients and make treatments decisions. This co-management structure allows residents to develop ambulatory clinic skills and independence while working alongside an experienced physician. Residents praise the PacMed clinic experience for preparing them for real world challenges. We work as a team with superb support staff (nurses and medical assistants) and access to top-quality laboratory, radiology, cardiovascular testing is unmatched.

International, Harborview

The International Medicine Clinic at Harborview Medical Center is a small clinic that provides primary care to poor, medically indigent, non-English-speaking refugee and immigrant populations in King County. Patients typically originate from Southeast Asia or East Africa, and many have complex chronic medical conditions, co-existing with cultural adjustment issues, social problems, depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Residents learn how to care for culturally diverse populations, work with interpreters, and serve as patient advocates. They gain an awareness of the epidemiology of disease in other parts of the world and different health systems and practices. 

Madison, Harborview 

(only available to HIV Pathway residents)

The purpose this experience is to give residents experience in the outpatient care of HIV/AIDS patients.  To provide one on one clinical teaching by the attendings and other providers in the clinic. For those with two month or longer rotations, longitudnal care of HIV+ patients is possible and residents will be scheduled a panel of patients to follow.  Those in the Madison Clinic for one month blocks will see patients on a drop-in basis or see routine follow-up, but will not be assigned a panel.

Pioneer Square, Harborview

Pioneer Square Clinic provides acute and primary care to homeless and low-income patients in downtown Seattle. Patients have many of the same chronic diseases found in other primary care practices such as diabetes, COPD, CHF, and liver disease. Medical management is complicated by co-existing problems with homelessness, poverty, substance abuse and mental illness.

Women’s Health Care Center, Roosevelt Clinic 

(only available to Women’s Health Pathway residents)

The Women's Health Care Center at UW Roosevelt provides primary care and reproductive health care services to a diverse patient population of women at all stages of life. This clinic is made up of primary care internists with a special interest and expertise in women's health, as well as Ob/Gyn faculty and social work. We emphasize wellness and prevention, alongside chronic disease management, mental health, and reproductive care.