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RAMP Faculty Mentoring Program

The Residency Advising mentorship program aims to help establish an appropriate mentor(s) for every resident in our program. We hope the program will promote early career planning and encourage exploration of different career paths during residency tailored to the resident’s particular interests. In addition to career development, the mentorship program will strive to promote an improved sense of community within the internal medicine residency, providing residents approachable faculty members for issues that arise both in and outside the hospital setting. RAMP continues to be run by residents and evolves based on resident feedback.

Matching with a Mentor

Before your arrival to the University of Washington Internal Medicine Residency Program you will complete a survey that assesses your career interests and your readiness to pursue mentorship and scholarship activities. If you feel decided in your career path then you will be matched according to your interests to a RAMP advisor who is a senior faculty attending. The RAMP advisors have been chosen for their connections with other faculty, approachability, and natural ability for counseling. This RAMP advisor will then facilitate connecting you to a mentor with expertise relevant to your particular interests. You will then follow up and ideally create a long-standing relationship with that mentor, whom you can look to for advice on crafting your professional experiences to support your goals.

Undecided on Your Interests?

For those incoming interns who do not yet feel decided on their career path that is perfectly okay and often the norm. For those who are undecided, you will meet with your assigned Associate Program Director. You will continue to meet with your Associate Program Director throughout the course of your residency. One of the roles of your Associate Program Director will be to continue to assess your career thoughts and interests. Once you have a path that you wish to pursue you can be connected to a RAMP advisor through your Associate Program Director. Additionally, as a UW resident you will have full access to our list of RAMP advisors and can contact them at any point during residency. You are always welcome to contact a RAMP advisor of a specific field if you feel ready to explore research opportunities, educational activities, and career options within that given field of interest.

RAMP Peer Mentoring Program

In addition to the RAMP faculty-mentoring program there is a RAMP peer-mentoring program, we call it the ‘RAMP buddy system’. Every intern is assigned to an upper level resident who will meet with you before you start your intern year. These upper level residents volunteer to participate in our mentorship program. The goal is to provide a resource that can help you transition to living in Seattle, adjust to life as an intern, and provide guidance as you design your residency experience at the University of Washington. Our goal is to make sure that you feel supported as you navigate the early stages of your career as a physician. The RAMP pathway will provide you with multiple avenues of connection to the University of Washington family.

RAMP Definitions

RAMP Advisors: Senior faculty members of a designated field who have been chosen for their connections with other faculty, approachability, and natural ability for counseling. These advisors will provide an initial meeting and refer you to a RAMP mentor with whom you will ideally establish a more longitudinal relationship.

RAMP Mentors: Faculty who share similar research, educational, and career interests with you. You will be connected to potential RAMP mentors by your RAMP advisor. The goal is for you to establish a longitudinal relationship with your RAMP mentor.

Associate Program Director (APD): Your APD is your program mentor and will meet with you semiannually as part of program requirements. Associate Program Directors will help to provide career counseling as your progress through residency. They have access to RAMP advisors and can connect you whenever you feel that you have developed a career interest or direction.

RAMP Buddy: An upper level resident who volunteers to participate in our peer-mentorship program. They are there to support you both personally and professionally as you navigate your intern year.

RAMP Committee: A leadership group comprised of residents and an Associate Program Director who manage and run the RAMP program.