About Us

Curiosity. Compassion. Community.


We train future leaders in medicine by cultivating a supportive, diverse, and inspirational learning environment.

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Beginning in 1957, shortly after the UW School of Medicine and Department of Medicine were founded, the residency program began with 24 positions and residents completing all of their training at one site, Harborview Medical Center. We’ve grown quite a bit since then! In 2023-24 have 182 residents, including 13 chief residents, and rotations at over 20 medical centers, affiliates, and clinics.


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    To train the next generation of leaders in medicine regardless of whether they work in academic medicine, community practice, public health, or healthcare policy and administration.
  • To provide a world-class, individualized learning environment in which outstanding patient care and outstanding training are indistinguishable, woven intricately together to create exemplary clinical and educational outcomes.
  • To meet the individual educational and mentoring needs of all of our residents, allowing them to reach their maximum potential based on their career goals, and do that it a supportive and caring environment


Our vision is to become the best Internal Medicine training program in the country for our residents.


  • Curiosity
  • Compassion
  • Community


  • Develop an educationally motivated curriculum, not a service-based curriculum
  • Provide broad-based foundational training during the R1 year
  • Focus on a core curriculum for senior residents, the essentials for all IM residents regardless of career path, with a graduated increase in patient care autonomy, leadership, and teaching
  • Allow for greater individualization of training based on a resident's career goals through:
    • Elective time
    • Learning pathways
    • Mentorship (RAMP; Residency Advising and Mentoring Program)


Superb clinical training To improve the health of the public by training superb clinicians who are leaders in academic medicine, community practice, public health, and healthcare policy and administration utilizing an individualized curriculum in a supportive and caring environment.
Diversity Recruit residents with diverse backgrounds and experiences, reflecting the patients we serve.
Inclusion, wellness, humanism Create an inclusive, supportive, engaged, and healthy community centered on our core values and that embraces our shared humanity.
Intentionality, unparalleled range of opportunities Provide a competency-based, intentional curriculum across an unparalleled range of clinical and non-clinical training opportunities driven by the varied educational needs and career interests of our residents.
Individualized training Support resident career development through individualized training. personalized mentorship and robust, differentiated opportunities for leaning and scholarship.
Leadership Cultivate graduated increases in patient care autonomy leadership, and teaching across all learning environments to prepare our graduates for roles as leaders in medicine.
Community, advocacy Engage with the communities we support through service and advocacy.